29 January 2012

Anointed of Khaine

This Anointed of Khaine model was custom made for the client by "The 2 Black Dragons". It features a separate show base so the model can be used for gaming or for display. There are no less than six maimed High Elves at the feet of the Anointed (and one unfortunate Dark Elf!) The sculpting was obscenely good! Fine hair was merged seemlessly and even the high elf wounds were finely detailed!

For painting I went with a traditional style High Elf scheme, but embellished it a little by using some real metallic metals techniques. This really adds depth and materialism to the armour. I'm very happy with the armour in general, as well as the blood... it received a hint of purple wash to deepen the red and give it that "fresh" look! You can see some of the details in the pictures below.


  1. Very nice Diorama.
    This makes me a subscriber. ;)

    1. Thank you HaWior.

      Be sure to follow the link to the sculptors website too. They have done some very impressive work! I would look forward to painting more of their stuff!!!

  2. Scenic bases are awesome, i need to try them more!
    keep it up!
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