24 November 2013

Ultramarines Terminator Unit

The Ultramarine Terminator unit has been painted with a traditional Ultramarine colour scheme. The unit includes freehand Ultramarine symbols on the shoulders and the chest guards as well as a black and yellow hazard stripe detail to each power fist. This is something that the more veteran hobbyists among you may recognise from the space marines that used to appear in Games Workshop White Dwarf Magazines! I thought it would be a nice touch and a great way to help break up the solid blue.

These models were painted using a simple process using less than 5 layers and only 3 colours for the blue! A far cry from the mega list of paints needed to recreate an 'Eavy Metal GW Ultramarine (See here for a list compiled by Garfy from Tale of Painters!). Feel free to check out more Ultramarines elsewhere on this blog.

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