7 January 2015

Space Marine "Hero"

No army would be complete without a suitable hero to lead them... Well for Overlords Space Marines hero may not be the right word for this Captain. This custom converted character model is a one of a kind with a combination of armour and equipment that helps him stand out on the battlefield. However, a cool miniature needs to have the right colours to help accentuate those features, so whilst the black helmet and eyes bring out an evil side, the red and white helmet crest help to frame the helmet and act as a spot colour.

Using spot colours however, is more than simply making sure to dab similar colours around a model, the trick is to use them to provide a visual route and anchor the model. The form and order the spot colours are compositioned can really affect the way a model is perceived, its really a whole lesson in itself though, but certainly something you should bear in mind when painting. Other than that, I again enjoyed working on the realistic metal armour, although I did go a little overboard with the quantity of layers for the character to pull it off. I think its one of the most successful examples of mine though, I'd like to hear your thoughts on that!

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