6 July 2014

Rune Priest Bikes

Two Space Wolf Rune Priests round out the small bike formation I've been working on. (Be sure to check out the Space Wolf Lord and Bikes) These characters were again given unique kit bash conversions making use of parts from the Space Wolf boxed set to help give them some individuality. Even though they are relatively similar, they were modelled in contrast - one being more reserved; wearing his helmet and surveying his target. The other being more hot headed, caught in mid charge screaming his battle cry at the enemy!

I enjoyed painting a new type of recipe for the power weapons. The axes are very nice parts with lots of detail packed into a small area which also help the models stand out on the battlefield. I'd like to know your thoughts on this alternative paint scheme for 40k power weapons, and to see some of your own colour blends too so drop me a comment in the box below along with any topical links!