19 November 2014

Exo-Exo-Armour! - Space Marine Centurions

Genetically enhanced superhuman warriors in heavily armoured exo-armour in even more heavily armoured exo-exo-armour! Or, to the rest of us: Space Marine Centurions! The concept for these models is altogether ridiculous and to be completely honest I was really not looking forward to painting these mostly because I am also not a fan of them. Or at least that was what I thought. Much to my surprise it turned out that I actually really enjoyed painting them! The models actually have a great amount of detail, and a nice combination of armour plates with curved panels and sharp edges. A nice arrangement of layering which can help to enhance the different materials and colours used and an altogether rather imposing finish.

The larger armour panels really allowed me to show off the real metallic metal effect that was being used across the army. The principle of this is actually quite simple to create but easier to display on larger areas. Part of the trick is to ensure good contrast between the dark shadows and the brightest light sheen. The highlight sheen itself needs careful consideration and thinking through exactly how light hits and reflects off of metals differently to "softer" materials. There is a little more to it than that but if you can get the core principles down then you can apply it to any metallic tone. I'm really quite happy with the way the Space Marine Overlord scheme came out on these guys, and you can see different example on the Tactical Marines and Devastator Marines.