12 November 2014

Space Marine 'Overlord' Devastators

This full Space Marine Devastator Squad from the custom Overlords chapter features two Lascannons and a pair of Rocket Launchers allowing them to be fielded as a single large unit or to Combat Squad into two smaller more defined sub-sections. In any case, each model has a free hand painted custom overlord Chapter Icon on their shoulder pad, being a red barbed crest staked through on a black background. As with the plasma on the Tactical Squad Plasma Gunner, spot features such as the Auspex and Lascannon Weapon detail are picked out in a contrasting colour.

You will no doubt have spotted that the Space Marines are all based on a snow theme. The mix used was essentially the same as that used on a previous Grey Knight Commission examples of which you can see HERE and HERE. I think the white really helps to lift the model and add a bit of pop to the metals used for the majority of the armour as well as providing another cool reference to the chapters icy character (see what I did there).

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