iPaint models for the love of it. I have been painting models for over 15 years (and that's a whole lot of love)! 
I have a degree in architecture and previously studied art at various levels. I have been employed by Games Workshop in the past, (so I suppose at one time I was a "professional" painter!) However I have a full time job in architecture as well as a young family.

This does mean that this service is NOT a professional painting service, I am not doing this as a way to earn a living, I have a 9-5 for that! Indeed, the limited time that a full time job and family leaves means that this service would not be fast enough to be professional (as a main source of income). Instead iPaintmodels can always offer high quality models because I only take commissions that I can be passionate and enthusiastic about. Unfortunately, all of this means that I might not take all commission requests, either due to lack of time or because I feel I wouldn't do the project justice.

I have lots of experience in painting 28mm scale models, such as those made by Games Workshop, but can paint models at a range of scales and from a range of manufacturers. You can see some examples of my painting in the Gallery, and within the Gallery at Oinks Overambitious Terrain Project(s)! I hope you will agree that the models are of a good standard and can include many details and weathering techniques that regular commission painters won't do!

iPaintmodels is a service to provide well painted models to individuals. If I can make a little money out of it too then everyone's a winner!