25 August 2012

Justus Extremis - Contemptor Dreadnought 1

This is the first of two Contemptor Dreadnoughts, called Justus Extremis with what I am reliably informed is the "friendmaker" weapon load-out of twin autocannons - boosted with psybolt ammunition of course! The model has undergone a similar degree of metal painting stage work as the way I've been painting shinier metals, but rather than working more on highlights and shine the effort was paid more to the shading and blackening associated with aged silver. The effect photographs quite subtly. The snow basing used throughout the units of this Grey Knight army commission could be played around with a bitmore on the larger base so I was able to give the effect of distrubed snow by the models feet whilst leaving undisturbed snow elsewhere!

Don't forget to check out other models in this army, such as the Inquisitor. Also, I post pics first over on my Facebook Page, so head over there and hit like to keep up to date!


  1. Very nice. I love that snow effect. How did you achieve it?

  2. I'm being asked that a lot! It is a special mix using PVA glue and snow flock. It forms a paste which you can lay out over the base. Depending on the exact ratio mix you can form smooth flat snow or have harder clumped snow that you can sculpt more. This allows you to create disturbed snow where a model steps and undisturbed snow where it doesn't!

    1. I'll have to try that. I've used Secret weapons crushed glass for a more slushy wet look but I've had trouble getting your effect with other methods. It's just so nice. Makes me long for winter and snowboarding...stupid temperate Canadian climate.

    2. You will go through a fair amount of snow flock. I bought a giant tub of th stuff made by woodland scenics. It cost me about £10 (so about double GW) BUT has over 800 cubic cm (50 cubic inches)!!!