8 April 2014

Wolf Lord

This Wolf Lord from the Great Company of Elgin Iron Wolf leads his brave (and probably crazed) Space Marine warriors on his metal steed. As part of the same allied contingent as these Space Wolf Bikes this guy is a "counts as" Space Marine Iron Hand Commander forming support for a parent Space Wolf Army. He was posed to help demonstrate how a marine might need to use a Power Fist in combat from a bike, doing drive by splattings of course!

I really enjoyed freehanding the Elgin Iron Wolf symbol on this Lord, which actually is not as difficult as it might seem once it's been broken down into easy to manage stages. The reason for choosing this company was simply because the allied contingent will be using the Iron Hands special rules from the Space Marine Codex so it seemed like a nice translation of these abilities into the Space Wolves. The model shows how a series of simple kit bash conversions can provide a characterful result, and also demonstrates how "counts as" rules can be used to ensure that your army retains a cohesive and story led approach to allies.

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