6 April 2014

Space Wolf Bikes

Space Wolves! This unit of Space Marine Bikes was painted to form a small allied contingent with a true Space Wolf army. The unit sports a full complement of Grav Guns from the Space Marine Codex, which the puppies usually lack. To help complement the host army, the models were painted just like regular Space Wolves, using parts from the Grey Hunter Pack to add a bit of flavour. At the same time, to set them apart, they were detailed with the mark of Egil Iron Wolf demonstrating them as a separate contingent still in the spirit of the Space Wolf background.

I've enjoyed painting the finer details on these models, notably the computer screens, but also a simple heat effect on the exhausts and the freehand Elgin Iron Wolf symbol on the shoulder pad. To go along with these bikes I also painted up a number of characters... tune in over the next few days, or subscribe to the RSS feed, to get a peek at them.

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