6 October 2013

Kroot Carnivore Mercenaries

Kroot Carnivores are nice models. End. I mean, they may not be too much cop in the game these days but they are really great models from a painting point of view. They've got nice definition, a good mix of materials to test you and a great range of characterful details. In this case, I've added extra painted details in the form of tattoos to help give them a little more background and reinforce the unit as an independent Kroot tribe. After all they were commissioned so that they could be included into various armies as allies!

These were also the first unit I painted with the help of a new airbrush! It was used to lay on some lighting preparations and give the initial colour tones to the skin. There's no replacement for a detail brush though, and I really enjoyed coming up with the unique tattoos for each Kroot.

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