Pricing & Payment Terms
All prices will be worked out on an individual basis depending on the quantity of the models and the complexity of the paint scheme. For example, a Flames of War tank will cost less than a Warhammer 40K one!

As a rough guide, for the painting of your miniatures you could usually expect something in the order of:

- 28mm Single Hero / Character:  £15-£20
- 28mm Infantry model:  £2.50 - £8
- 28mm Monstrous Infantry model: £10- £15

In order to obtain a no obligation quote, you should use the Contact Form and include a complete list of the models you want built or painted. You should make it clear whether you will be supplying me with models. I will only paint models that are not painted (in other words I will not re-paint models). You can either leave colour decisions to me, or provide some examples of the sort of colour scheme you are looking for.

The more freedom you let me have with the models, the more likely you are to get a better price.

It goes without saying that I will likely want to clarify any additional information with you. This will help iron out any fine details and ensure that we are both clear on what to expect. Whatever your needs, clarity is important, and I will send you a message with a full Project Breakdown including the scope of work and costs for you to agree prior confirmation.

All prices will be in British Pounds Stirling.

Purchasing models
When purchasing models, there are a couple of options for you. Either, you can buy models yourself or ask for this to be done on your behalf.

You can buy your own models in which case you will be responsible for the costs of shipping them to me. I can accept deliveries from a retailer, but any additional costs as a result of this will be passed on to you (such as additional import fees). If you are sending built models it is strongly advised that you do so in an appropriate case with protective foam. This can then be returned to you with the completed models!

After your models have been received you will be sent an e-mail confirmation including a quick inventory of what we got. It would be helpful for you to include a note detailing the contents of your package, but this is not a requirement.

Note that you can send boxed, or built models as agreed. But I will not work on existing painted models.

Remember that there is no extra charge for models to be bought on your behalf. However, you will be quoted for the models and will usually be expected to provide money up front for their purchase, particularly for large commissions. You will be asked to give direction regarding weapon combinations in order to ensure that you get what you need, an army list can be useful in this regard. Be aware though, that not all boxed sets come with all weapon options, so you will have to decide if you want additional bits purchased (at your cost) or choose an alternative weapon combination. Sometimes this won't become clear until after the box of models is opened, in which case you will be contacted to advise you of your options.

Other than that, you needn't lift a finger!

Depending on the quantity of models, I may suggest that I include a carry case in the fees. Not only will this help protect the models whilst in transit but it will give you a way to store them! Some companies such as KRMulticase offer great combinations and custom cut foam inserts at very affordable prices.

In order to help protect you (and me), payment should be through Paypal. If you would like to pay by alternative means then this can be arranged on an individual basis. Payment method is to be agreed prior to confirming the commission and will form part of our agreement.

Before any work commences (including purchasing models), you will need to provide the money for the purchase of any models and bits, as agreed in the Project Breakdown and may also be asked to provide a deposit up front depending on the nature of the project. Again a complete Project Breakdown will detail the scope of the project and all costs. Up until now I have been working without requesting a deposit (money is a great motivator!)

Once completed, you will be sent images of the models and the remaining payment (plus shipping) will be required BEFORE any are posted.

Final Payment will be due no later than 30 days after the date of this e-mail.

The final PayPal payment should include any specific instructions regarding shipping. Anything you haven’t placed in the Notes may be overlooked. Be sure you’ve got all your instructions and sent us the correct address! If this differs from the original address you gave then you will be heavily quizzed!

Refunds & Non Payment
If you are not happy with the models shown in the pictures you receive, and minor adjustements cannot remedy this then a refund may be offered. This will be via PayPal and you will be refunded the money you gave to cover the cost of the models. I will not cover any additional Paypal / Transfer Fees.

If models are not paid for within 30 days of completion, unless discussed and agreed before the start of the project, then you will be refunded the cost of the models as above. However, there may be a delay in this whilst a buyer for the models is found.

In both cases, any deposit will not be refunded.