iPaint single miniatures, one or more units or even an entire army (on occassion!)

What I Do...

iBuild as well as paint! I can offer to make your models for you prior to painting. This can include converting models for you. Conversions which require specific aftermarket additions will of course have additional fees associated if I need to buy those parts myself.

iPaint your models to the best of my ability. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but my regular models / units achieve what I would describe as a High Tabletop Quality whilst individual characters or show piece models receive additional attention and result in what I would describe as Show Quality. Take a look through the gallery and my blog to make sure you like my style and understand what it is you will be getting! All models are sealed with varnish once complete to help make them hardwearing.

iBase models depending on your wishes. This could include bare bases, so that when you receive them you can base them to match the rest of your army. This is a perfect choice when adding heroes or units to existing armies. Alternatively I can base your models with painted sand and static grass. Any costs of buying additional basing items (such as resin bases) will be passed on directly. Unless you have specific basing requirements, additional items, or a particularly impressive model which would warrant extra attention then I will usually do basing for free!

Once models are completed and final payment received, I will carefully pack the models ready for posting to you. If you live nearby then I can even offer to deliver them by hand. Depending on the number of models requested, I may suggest including a case for the models to help protect them. More info on posting is provided below.

So, maybe you just need a hero done for your army, or want to add in a special unit. Whatever it is you are after, I am sure that I can help. I also know a number of other very accomplished painters, so if I can't handle your request, I can put you in touch with someone who can!

What you are Buying
Please check out the previous projects in the Gallery before you set up a commission. Be sure you like what you see. Once you’ve seen what you like, ask for exactly that and you will like what you receive.

Always bear in mind these aren’t toys for children. Please keep away from minors.

Communication is key to ensure that there is clarity and confidence! Prompt communication is very important. Feel free to initiate contact, please do not feel like you are being a bother. Likewise, you may be contacted during the project should anything arise at this end.

Posting Models
If it is agreed that you will be posting models (built or unbuilt) for me to work on then you are responsible for the costs involved. Packages should be sent using a recorded form of delivery, and if you if you are sending built models it is strongly advised that you do so in an appropriate case with protective foam. This can then be returned to you with the completed models!

After your models have been received you will be sent an e-mail confirmation including a quick inventory of what we got. It would be helpful for you to include a note detailing the contents of your package, but this is not a requirement.

Note that you can send boxed, or built models as agreed. But I will not work on existing painted models. Remember that there is no extra charge for me to buy models for you, see the Prices Page for more details.

Completed models will be sent to your detailed address using a recorded delivery. All models will be packed to help minimise any damage in transit. Depending on the quantity of models, I may suggest that I include a carry case (at your cost). Not only will this help protect the models whilst in transit but it will give you a way to store them! Some companies such as KRMulticase offer great combinations and custom cut foam inserts at very affordable prices.

You will be given an estimated turn around time when you receive the Project Breakdown. This will detail an estimated time line. This can vary depending on the size and scale of the project as well as things like the chosen colour scheme.

Remember that this is a venture for me to do aside from my main job. This means that I cannot guarantee to turn around an entire army in 4 weeks! With that being said, I have recently managed to paint close to a 2000pt legal army in that period!