15 April 2013

Glorium - Contemptor Dreadnought

Alongside Honorum stands Glorium, the second of the two Dreadnoughts for the recent Grey Knight army commission. The idea was to have two different characters from the same basic model and set up, so Glorium has been posed as if striding forwards in a fighting advance, laying waste to enemy targets as he goes - as befits his name. Both Contemptor Dreadnoughts feature magnetised weapons (in case the owner decides they want to buy different weapons in the future) as well as a removable torso (great for storage).

I've now built and painted 4 Contemptors on commission and I must say, I definately don't get bored of them.They are fast becoming my favourite model, and you can see from my other Contemptor Posts that each one is unique!

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