11 April 2013

Honorum - Contemptor Dreadnought

Contemptor Dreadnoughts are wonderful creations. They offer a great potential for modellers and are realy nice to paint with their mix of flowing armour plates, strong edges and detailed areas. This is 'Honorum', a Contemptor Dreadnought (in typical "Friendmaker pattern") for the recent Grey Knight army commission. I wanted him to look like he was on watch, readying his Autocannons for an unfortunate target, and I added some stars to his personal heraldry to maybe give the impression that this guy has been honoured for his accuracy several times already!

The colour gradient on this guy was all completed by brush, using opacity control and layers to blend the tones. Despite being another one in Grey Knight colours, the scheme was suitably different from the previous Contemptor Dreadnoughts and the model is nonetheless a joy to paint. I will let you guys in to a little secret too - I have another one of these to post up and will be doing so very shortly, so make sure that you follow / subscribe to the blog to see it.

To summarise: I love Contemptor Dreadnoughts... I just wish I'd get the chance to paint some in a colour other than silver!


  1. I like this dreadnought!
    Great work!


  2. O.k. Jeez man... I get It, the next thing i get from you will not be silver.

    Mark - who plans to use Honorum as soon as he can !!!

    1. Haha! No worries Mark, I really enjoyed painting your Grey Knights, and whilst I wouldn't say no to painting more, I'd really like a bit of a break from silver! hah!