10 April 2013

Grey Knight Terminator Squad - Alpha

Yes, more Grey Knight Terminators! By now you will hopefully have noticed that whilst each Terminator has his own unique heraldry, each is also in keeping with colour coding for their respective unit. This ensures that you can easily identify what unit a Terminator belongs to, without needing to do blatant, overly obvious colour coding. So, this unit is leads with black and white, THIS unit goes with red and white whilst THIS unit uses red and black. It's a subtle effect, but enough for the models owner to distinquish each model. You may also have noticed that the force weapon recipe I've ben using is different from the style I used on the last batch of Grey Knights - being generally brighter.

You can check out some examples of the previous alternative HERE & HERE. I want to know what weapon recipe YOU prefer? Leave your comments below.

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