11 November 2014

Space Marine 'Overlords' Tactical Squad

I have been painting! Introducing Tactical Squad models from a custom Space Marine chapter known as the 'Overlords'. This Tactical Squad is the first in an infantry army which features some very dark themed modelling and painting to echo the clients background of this chapter being, well... not very nice people! The Space Marine Tactical Squad has aftermarket heads which really help portray a villainous and harsh regime and the colour scheme was chosen as well to echo the brutal nature of the clients background.

You will see that the models each feature a hand detailed chapter symbol of a unique design (though it does draw inspiration from one key source - internet cookie for the first person to work out what!) Each model has been completed in a real metallic metal effect with high contrast and extreme lighting on key points to excentuate the effect and is completemented by a very strict colour palette throughout. There will be a series of posts showcasing some other models from this force so keep peeled over the coming days!


  1. Lol ^ wow okay that comment is pure crazy, giving us ANON's a bad name.

    The squad looks fantastic, simple color scheme yet very distinctive and effective, they do look brutal. Will be interesting to see what the chapters vehicles look like.
    I think the icon is from the Quake games?

    1. Yea I know right. Well, deleted the offending spam and welcome Anonymous... I think I've seen you here before!

      Yes, the Quake games were the inspiration (and well, almost entire rip off). There is always a trouble when designing your own chapter that you need to create a symbol that not only looks good and functions to describe the chapters character but is also possible to recreate - particularly across an entire army in free hand!

      Here's your cookie: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Choco_chip_cookie.png