18 November 2013

Ultramarines Space Marine Dreadnought

Ultramarines, Space Marine Dreadnought from the previous Assault on Black Reach Warhammer 40,000 box set. I'm quite happy with this model and I think it goes to show that a basic model can be given a great look with a little bit of care and attention. This dreadnought has been given armour chipping and freehand detailing over the blended armour as well as a little hark back to the classic Ultramarine scheme by including a small section of hazard stripes... if you like that, you'll love my next post.

Look out for more Ultramarines coming up very soon, and if you are an Ultramarine fan then you must be sure to head over to Tale of Painters and check out the boys in blue painted by Stahly and Garfy!

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