16 April 2012


So here's the completed Heroquest Wizard! It features some unique elements such as the arm swap and resulting green stuffed robes. The colour scheme is basically adapted from an old image of the wizard from some heroquest artwork. There is a blue flame detail to the torso part of the clothes though I couldn't quite get a good shot of that.

I applied a touch of lighting effect, both in terms of source lighting applied to the staff and a general lightening on the front of the model with much darker tones used to the rear, almost as if the staff and the globe are providing a degree of illumination (though not as harshly as object source lighting).

Also, in line with this wizardry, the keen eyed among you may have noticed the Facebook link at the top. I've recently set up a Facebook Page so that I can share more random musings and updates as well as providing another way you can keep in touch with what is going on or if you have any questions etc.


  1. Beautiful paint job. Love the shiny spheres.

    1. Thank you for the complement! It's amazing what a bit of gloss varnish can do to an otherwise matted paint job!