14 January 2013

Custom Tomb Knights

You won't see these models anywhere. Fact. These are completely custom kits that were each individually converted out of a range of different parts. Some parts you will recognise, but others are obscure pieces. On top of that, each model has a tail made entirely from green-stuff! Don't worry about the funny looking bases, they have had some simple sculpting done so that when the client bases them with his special sand mix then they will have a bit of contour to them.

The last trick these models have is that each body is magnetised to the tail so that the models can change their bodies and be used as either Necropolis Knights or Sepulchral Stalkers! (See pics below!)

I went through an extensive design process alongside the client in order to work out and approve the final look for these scratch built models an I hope that you agree that the time and effort was well worth it!

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