10 January 2013

Tomb King Heroes

This post will be dedicated to a number of recently painted Tomb King Heroes. These classic models (not from GW) were very nice to paint and offered some variation to the painting of bone by providing areas of cloak and cloth to blend and shade. The Tomb King pictured above has had a green stuff whip added in place of his previous weapon, whilst the ghost-like warrior below features a recognisable blade from the current GW Tomb King range.

Each model has a very different style so it was a bit challenging to try to make them look fairly coherent. As with most army painting, this was mainly achieved by using the same colour palette on each. The client had an idea for general army colours but the tricky thing is often working out which colour should go where in order to get the best effect.
I really enjoyed painting the last model pictured, who I refer to as the 'Brute'. Be sure to click to enlarge! Of the three above, which is your favourite?


  1. Nice look with some alternative models. Very cool :)

    1. Thanks deathkorps. Positive comments are always encouraging! I always love the chance to paint out of the ordinary models!