10 November 2011


iPaint models. It really is that simple. I do lots of other stuff too, but I enjoy painting models and can offer to paint models for you!

Aside from taking on commission work here at iPaintmodels you will often find painted models for sale. Sales like these may take place through e-bay (for exposure and security) or through a direct exchange here (where the item is more specialist or not time dependent).

Obviously you will have to bear with us whilst we finish populating the different pages, as currently things like the Gallery are ominously empty !For now not to worry, you can check out my own painting at oinks overambitous terrain project(s) where you will find recently completed models in the Gallery there.

I will often be aided here by just as capable (if not more capable!) painters. Including a friend known online as Valar, and you can see some examples of his work here and here.

If you want to contact us then feel free to leave a message using the Contact Form, particularly if you are interested in us doing some painting for you! Otherwise feel feel to just say hi by commenting to this post. After all, it's nice to know that i'm not talking to myself! I'll be particularly interested to hear from you if you have some comment regarding the appearance of the blog or the clarity of the information provided.

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