13 December 2011

Heroes are born

Despite the best efforts of life, I have made progress on a small group commission, just the sort of thing I like! The client wanted to update the models for his old copy of Heroquest... and despite my love for painting characters I wanted to have a go at some of the grunts... After all, grunts are people too you know!

Now, the big challenge really is learning to use this Light Box thingy! So this might take a little while! Until I have the art of that mastered, you'll have to be content with looking at these sparkly Chaos Warriors. The bases have been left bare for the new owner to decorate... a good choice seeing as lots of different people will be supplying models for him!

The dark, worn and aged armour scheme uses some of the weathering techniques I've used on my tanks with the added benefit of doing effects which would be caused by water! The tones are kept muted and worked from a tight palette. I really like the scheme and might have to use this for a chaos army I've been planning!

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