1 September 2012


The one and only Finecast miniature in the Grey Knight army commission was approached tentatively. Finecast still carries a poor reputation due to problems when it was initially released. These have for the large part been elimiinated, or at least reduced. Unfortunately though, the massive amount of detail on the Draigo model was not without casualty. I done my best to fix the banner top, short of chopping the darn thing off altogether and had to spend a while attacking the model with liquid green stuff too. Draigo is a key character for the Grey Knights, but to help him stand out on the battlefield extra care and attention was paid to the unique features such as the cloak, and the model was raised tall on its base for easy identification too.

Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of the pose, but I loved painting the banner and cloth in general. Maybe it was because I'd been working on painting armour for most of the time and this made a welcome break!

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