31 August 2012

Grey Knight Terminators

It's taken me a few posts, but I suppose it's about time to show you some Grey Knight Terminators!!! The painted metal go by the same principles I used on the Contemptor Dreadnoughts & Inquisitor and the same blending was achieved on the Force Weapons too. There is a ton of detail on these models, but picking it all out in different colours can have the danger of making the models look too outlandish, especially when the client wanted a more muted, worn look. So for the most part this was just carefully painted to match the armour, representing engraved or moulded armour detail. A few of the models had some magnetising done just as a way of providing a bit of extra flexibility for the unit set ups depending on how the client decides to run a final list. In order to make sure that the force had enough Daemon Hammers I had to make some of my own. I initially tried a trick using "Instant Mold" but after some initial tests I decided that whilst I get used to the material I would instead convert some Hammers. A web-cookie for anyone who can identify the part I used to do this!

As you can see, each model was also given some basic Object Source lighting effects to represent a low glow from the eyes and lighting from the force weapons. I'll be back soon with some more detailed shots of some individual chaps so be sure to stay tuned!

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