14 February 2013

3 Servitors and a Monkey

No, this isn't some strange 80s Tom Selleck remake. This is what you get when you put a Jokaero in a unit with 3 gun servitors. My client reliably informs me that this cheap as chips little unit has some big potential well in advance of it's point cost! For me though, it comes down to the chance to be able to paint up some new and interesting models! The Jokaero, whilst not the most difficult thing in the world to paint, encourages the use of a different set of painting skills to the Servitors. Meanwhile, the Servitors themselves were great fun to paint giving me a chance to test out some orange and try my hand at some bruised flesh techniques!

I'm pretty satisfied with the flesh of the servitors, which I think look really raw and help portray the ideas of the gothic man / machine combinations.

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