2 April 2013

Imperial Henchmen

Henchmen, they aren't usually high on the list of units to give attention to and for me that's a real shame. Here is a small unit of warriors who've been given that extra bit of love. Careful construction and conversion using Imperial Guard parts and a considered paint scheme involving an interesting camo scheme for their fatigues. This was a nice break from painting the metal of Grey Knights!

The chap in the trenchcoat was converted to represent an Imperial Guard Mystic, and minor paint details were used to emphasise his difference such as the fine hand painted barcode on the back of his head. Little painted details such as this can really help set some models apart. Things like the plasma gunner with a bandaged arm helps to give the idea that he may not always have had the best luck with his weapon... but he fights his way through! I'll be posting some more Grey Knights very soon, including some lovely big models.

Stay tuned, but if you can't wait that long then head over to my Facebook Page where I'm sneak peeking some completed models!


  1. Big fan of this unit. Love the Mystic, very cool and subtle conversion that just works really well. Camo is very hard to pull off on cadian models, but I think you have done a brilliant job! cant wait to see more!

    1. Thank you AJ. Everything is from the Cadian command box which has tons of bits and pieces to make quite characterful models as I'm sure you already know! I'd relish the opportunity to paint more camo on units, so much so that I'm considering attacking my Tau infantry to give them a camo upgrade!