10 February 2013

Ancient Necron Lord

Back with another character commission. When I spoke with the client about his necron Lord, he gave me some background and was very enthusiastic and descriptive. The Lord was thought to have been lost on a distant planet buried for aeons before being uncovered and sparked back to action. I wanted to build on the themes the client had imagined and portray the story through the model itself. To that end I made sure to add extensive weathering to the different materials as well as combining some fine detailing you would expect of a high ranking hero.

Personally, I think this Lord is a great example of how you can extend a story idea through onto a model and is one of the reasons I really enjoy painting characters!


  1. Great stuff. What weathering technique did you use for the paint scratches? Is the lack of basing material the client's preference?

    1. Weathering was achieved using the sponge technique I've previously practiced on my own Guard tanks. As for the base, yes, it's client preference. I often find that some clients want some models to be inserted into existing armies so prefer to match bases themselves with their existing models exactly... others, like in this case, prefer flying bases to be left blank.

    2. Oh, also, with the weathering, following the sponging, I go back in with a brush to add some more deliberate damage.